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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
SubjectRepliesPosted byLast action
     README FIRST (before posting a bug report) 0JasonF
24-May-2009 2:04pm EST
JasonF (editted)
4-Jun-2010 3:49pm EST
  It's awesome! Just getting missing file errors... 2jandsm5321
3-Apr-2015 4:14am EST
MadMurac (replied)
13-May-2015 3:03am EST
  Rebellion 1.80 Breaks Requiem [page: 1 2] 23Ivan (Visitor)
6-Nov-2013 10:13pm EST
Wolfsruhm (Visitor)
5-Mar-2015 10:46am EST
  Feedback for 4.8 0GoaFan77
17-Oct-2014 6:00am EST

  AI Broken in new update 4.8 4Mo
1-Oct-2014 10:34pm EST
JasonF (replied)
8-Oct-2014 1:28pm EST
  String not found error 3Mo
15-Sep-2014 12:46am EST
Mr.Kill (replied)
24-Sep-2014 7:56pm EST
  The rebel aliance turbolaser platform upgrades don't show up. 1Rebel Alliance turbolaser plat (Visitor)
21-Sep-2014 7:25pm EST
Mr.Kill (replied)
22-Sep-2014 2:06pm EST
  Starting buildings etc 1Bauhaus (Visitor)
14-Aug-2014 7:56pm EST
JasonF (replied)
27-Aug-2014 11:42am EST
  Random Event Announcement Bug 7Anonymous (Visitor)
16-Dec-2013 1:38am EST
Vrishnak92 (replied)
31-May-2014 7:05am EST
  Installation Issues 4Vrishnak92 (Visitor)
4-Mar-2014 8:35pm EST
JasonF (replied)
14-Mar-2014 3:29am EST
  CS "Jump Interference Immune" flashing 1fox17
23-Feb-2014 6:18pm EST
JasonF (replied)
24-Feb-2014 2:22pm EST
  Abilities bug report 6Ziame
11-Nov-2013 1:55pm EST
Ziame (replied)
15-Nov-2013 8:40am EST
  4.6 MINI DUMP 11jimbo4822
5-Oct-2013 2:48pm EST
gizmo29 (replied)
11-Oct-2013 5:05am EST
  Lots of crashes and minidump errors. 10 (Visitor)
23-Sep-2013 8:50pm EST
JasonF (replied)
25-Sep-2013 6:15am EST
  Rebellion mini dump errors can 40 (Visitor)
1-Sep-2013 7:00pm EST
Rock Salt (Visitor)
4-Sep-2013 1:12pm EST

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