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General discusison forum, with updates on the latest Requiem release.
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General discusison forum, with updates on the latest Requiem release.
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  A great mod with much promise. 2Desertfox
4-May-2010 7:07am EST
Desertfox (replied)
4-May-2010 8:59pm EST
  Suggestion. 1Malanthor
16-Apr-2010 5:50am EST
Malanthor (replied)
16-Apr-2010 5:57am EST
  Any chanse of getting the ship text files instead of the binary? 7Malanthor (Visitor)
12-Apr-2010 3:36pm EST
Malanthor (replied)
14-Apr-2010 8:42pm EST
  Victory II's undergunned 2HPDreadnought
10-Apr-2010 4:14pm EST
HPDreadnought (replied)
11-Apr-2010 12:02am EST
  Maria class battlecruiser xp 0HPDreadnought
10-Apr-2010 9:01pm EST

  A Balancing Act 2Admiral Akbar
4-Apr-2010 7:58pm EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
5-Apr-2010 8:32pm EST
  Don't leave the dark side (yet)! 2QuickMana
14-Apr-2009 1:36am EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
5-Apr-2010 2:37am EST
  Happy Holidays! 1JasonF
27-Dec-2009 1:33am EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
5-Apr-2010 12:35am EST
  Very impressive 6cometcruiser (Visitor)
22-Jan-2010 1:17pm EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
4-Apr-2010 7:03pm EST
  Tactics 2CometCruiser (Visitor)
25-Jan-2010 10:35pm EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
4-Apr-2010 6:58pm EST
  Fan Fiction: Precipitate Diplomacy [page: 1 2] 20Ceorl
25-Jan-2010 11:28pm EST
Fulcrum (replied)
27-Mar-2010 3:30pm EST
  Requiem Strategy Guide 0GoaFan77
17-Mar-2010 9:08pm EST
GoaFan77 (editted)
20-Mar-2010 11:21pm EST
  Fantastic! A few questions. . . 4HPDreadnought
17-Mar-2010 1:38pm EST
GoaFan77 (editted)
17-Mar-2010 7:56pm EST
  cant install 3insanoman85
14-Mar-2010 1:09am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
14-Mar-2010 9:34pm EST
  Why is this happening? 2CiTRUS GUY
1-Mar-2010 2:30am EST
JasonF (replied)
2-Mar-2010 11:51am EST

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