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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
SubjectRepliesPosted byLast action
  Gallofree Transport voice over for "Standby for phase jump" 00 (Visitor)
13-Aug-2013 2:38pm EST

  Minor errors 00 (Visitor)
13-Aug-2013 1:20pm EST

  Proton torpedo turrets with 2997% shield mitigation. 20 (Visitor)
6-Aug-2013 6:25pm EST
Corey (Visitor)
10-Aug-2013 6:29pm EST
  Rebellion 4.4 - BUGS/ERRORS that I have found so far 100 (Visitor)
24-May-2013 4:43pm EST
JasonF (replied)
12-Jul-2013 1:16am EST
  Rebellion 4.4 star base 2darthbane
28-Mar-2013 7:15am EST
Ziame (Visitor)
24-May-2013 4:12pm EST
  Dono if it's a bug but... 4Redknightmare (Visitor)
31-Oct-2012 5:04am EST
Deviousdave (Visitor)
31-Mar-2013 1:49am EST
  Rebelion 4.3- Empire Dreadnaughts and Lonar strike Craft 30 (Visitor)
8-Mar-2013 5:57pm EST
JasonF (replied)
12-Mar-2013 1:56pm EST
  Rebellion Requiem Mini Dumps 3Phatamata (Visitor)
7-Feb-2013 8:49pm EST
RD28 (replied)
24-Feb-2013 5:25pm EST
  Rebellion 4.3: Starbase docking boom bug? 00 (Visitor)
24-Feb-2013 6:15am EST

  Rebellion Crash 4Nigel Thornberry (Visitor)
7-Feb-2013 3:45pm EST
RD28 (replied)
16-Feb-2013 11:36pm EST
  Diplomacy 3.5 bugs I 6jandsm5321
28-Nov-2012 6:36pm EST
jason (replied)
13-Feb-2013 9:31am EST
  Deliverance Engine Bug 3JoeDoe (Visitor)
29-Jan-2013 4:37pm EST
Nigel Thornberry (Visitor)
11-Feb-2013 11:50am EST
  Galaxy Forge 3 0gtut
29-Jan-2013 5:44pm EST

  Rebellion empire bug 0The Timelord (Visitor)
20-Jan-2013 12:24pm EST

  Sync Error in multiplayer 13gtut
14-Oct-2012 4:54am EST
gtut (replied)
16-Jan-2013 5:16am EST

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