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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
SubjectRepliesPosted byLast action
  Requiem 4.2 Imperial SSD Bug 1Israndel (Visitor)
6-Oct-2012 10:02pm EST
JasonF (replied)
7-Oct-2012 2:02am EST
  Rebellion 1.04 2Crusader (Visitor)
26-Sep-2012 2:54pm EST
JasonF (replied)
28-Sep-2012 3:09am EST
  imperial cap ships, rebellion 2Agry
22-Aug-2012 7:33pm EST
Agry (replied)
23-Sep-2012 3:49pm EST
  Rebellion 1.04 Released, not compatible with current Requiem 3gtut
28-Aug-2012 10:10pm EST
Sinistar45 (replied)
30-Aug-2012 10:40pm EST
  empire galacy gun dont fire (subject only) 0david (Visitor)
30-Aug-2012 11:26am EST

  Alliance not showing up. 2SkyCrawler85
6-Aug-2012 6:39pm EST
SkyCrawler85 (replied)
7-Aug-2012 5:43pm EST
  SSD bug 0coleman
3-Aug-2012 4:23am EST

  (no subject) 1Rebel Proton Torpedo Platforms (Visitor)
29-Jul-2012 8:30am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
29-Jul-2012 8:57am EST
  Alliance Torpedo Turrett - Shield Mitigation bug ? (3.5 no beta) 5Zion (Visitor)
24-Jun-2012 8:50am EST
GedofParagon (Visitor)
21-Jul-2012 6:16am EST
  Files upload, but don't download. 1bleachorange
10-Jul-2012 7:50pm EST
OhdatPK (replied)
10-Jul-2012 8:26pm EST
  Help me Jasonobi, you're Wolf's only hope. 2bleachorange
28-Jun-2012 1:28am EST
JasonF (replied)
9-Jul-2012 6:43am EST
  Requiem 3.5 bugs 2Mastersteven
17-Jan-2012 6:19am EST
Wolf470 (replied)
27-Jun-2012 10:23pm EST
  Missing Shield Regeneration Interdictor Cruiser 0Lord Arnad
27-Jun-2012 7:22pm EST

  Diplomacy Crashing? 7Glympy
15-Apr-2012 9:52pm EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
26-Jun-2012 4:54pm EST
  install.bat 8Chris (Visitor)
19-May-2012 9:11pm EST
xim (replied)
9-Jun-2012 7:48pm EST

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