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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
SubjectRepliesPosted byLast action
  Asserts triggered with v3.3 1xim
24-Mar-2011 9:41pm EST
GoaFan77 (editted)
25-Mar-2011 12:03am EST
  Wrong filename? 2xim
28-Feb-2011 6:28pm EST
xim (editted)
28-Feb-2011 6:45pm EST
  how to detect desyncs and what causes them 9gabe
20-Nov-2010 5:04am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
1-Feb-2011 6:22am EST
  Diplomacy Version Download 3sulley007
20-Dec-2010 11:54pm EST
sulley007 (replied)
7-Jan-2011 5:06am EST
  Jam Weapons 2Alexandus
1-Jan-2011 8:29am EST
Alexandus (replied)
4-Jan-2011 3:15pm EST
  bug in mod for empire side 8Roninedm (Visitor)
15-Aug-2010 12:40am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
30-Dec-2010 7:50am EST
  Incorrect Damage 8khanbob42
20-Dec-2010 2:56am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
22-Dec-2010 11:47pm EST
  mini-dump (unsure of cause) 11bleachorange
25-May-2010 12:05am EST
JasonF (replied)
20-Dec-2010 10:10pm EST
  requiem for deplom crash 2BudFireBird (Visitor)
15-Oct-2010 10:43am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
16-Oct-2010 3:39am EST
  Requiem for Diplomacy: game crash [page: 1 2] 19RONeill574
20-May-2010 4:22pm EST
Fulcrum (replied)
1-Oct-2010 1:28pm EST
  Alliance and Empire don`t built Starbases (subject only) 14Obi Wan
7-Aug-2010 12:33pm EST
Fulcrum (replied)
1-Oct-2010 1:27pm EST
  crashes 1JK (Visitor)
24-Jul-2010 5:46am EST
syn77379 (replied)
4-Sep-2010 1:48am EST
  Victory Star Destroyer Invisible?! 1NKato
19-Aug-2010 9:49pm EST
NKato (replied)
19-Aug-2010 9:53pm EST
  crashes [page: 1 2] 21JK (Visitor)
23-Jul-2010 8:12pm EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
30-Jul-2010 3:41am EST
  Civil War Bonus - Bug 2bleachorange
17-Jul-2010 7:41pm EST
JasonF (replied)
29-Jul-2010 1:43am EST

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