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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
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This is not a support forum, it's only for issues that are almost certainly bugs.
SubjectRepliesPosted byLast action
  Repeated crashes with Requiem Diplomacy 4Cooljedidude
13-Jul-2010 3:30am EST
RONeill574 (replied)
14-Jul-2010 3:39pm EST
  Problem with name of Super Star destroyer 1Cooljedidude
14-Jul-2010 12:45am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
14-Jul-2010 5:52am EST
  [balance] Rebel Armistice 3LoTeK_
24-Jun-2010 1:01am EST
LoTeK_ (replied)
24-Jun-2010 11:52pm EST
  Fighter and bomber trails 0LoTeK_
24-Jun-2010 12:53am EST

  Diplomacy bug 2.8 4Dion (Visitor)
12-Jun-2010 11:54am EST
DDog (replied)
12-Jun-2010 11:38pm EST
  Help 3Michael 1973 (Visitor)
15-Jan-2010 5:08am EST
GoaFan77 (replied)
31-May-2010 4:46pm EST
  no music 4exnavpc
30-May-2010 5:31am EST
JasonF (replied)
31-May-2010 12:23am EST
  Missing ships and planets - Pipeline files deleted 1McDave
15-May-2010 10:36am EST
JasonF (replied)
15-May-2010 10:42am EST
  A few small bugs and requests 4Admiral Akbar
3-Apr-2010 1:27am EST
JasonF (replied)
16-Apr-2010 4:21am EST
  Why cant i see the planets and ships? 2Nir09 (Visitor)
28-Feb-2010 7:51pm EST
Admiral Akbar (replied)
2-Apr-2010 9:13pm EST
  Having Mini Dump errors trying to run the Requim 2.7 7ChalupaMan2192 (Visitor)
27-Jan-2010 3:34am EST
blue_ox (Visitor)
1-Apr-2010 10:20pm EST
  starbase crush 5jul1951
19-Mar-2010 2:21pm EST
jul1951 (replied)
21-Mar-2010 9:18pm EST
  A couple 2.8 errors 1Jeremy (Visitor)
17-Mar-2010 9:03pm EST
JasonF (replied)
18-Mar-2010 12:30am EST
  help 7newb (Visitor)
4-Feb-2010 8:03am EST
Timmmmmy (Visitor)
6-Feb-2010 10:27pm EST

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