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Published by JasonF , last updated 21-Mar-2013 6:34am by JasonF.


As war rages between the Tech, Advent and Vasari factions in the Far Outer Rim... a new power has emerged from the depths of inter-solar space. Encroaching upon this distant part of the sprawling galaxy, the Empire's exploration task forces seek to bring more worlds under the dominion of the Sith Lord, Palpatine.

Having established a foothold on a key planet in the Far Outer Rim, it is the command of the Emperor that all worlds be subjugated and yield their allegiance to Coruscant. The Imperial Task Force must grow it's influence and succeed in this endeavour or face a grisly fate. With clear orders, and a comphrehensive catalog of Imperial directives and schemas, the Far Outer Rim will soon come to fear and respect the vast war capabilities of the Empire and the scion of it's fleets: the dreaded star destroyer.

However, with the arrival of the Empire also comes those opposed to it.

The Alliance consists of a multitude of star systems that would resist the loss of freedom and justice that the Empire portends. Against all odds, and against the fearsome might of the Imperial fleet, this diverse group of allied races will pit their wits and what ships they have against the war mongering races that inhabit the Far Outer Rim - in the hope that a new Republic may be born where only war and death currently prevail.


Star Wars - Requiem is a mod for Sins of a Solar Empire that brings the following:

  1. 2 new race; Alliance and Empire with selectable Alliance and Empire theme icons
  2. 6 new strike craft; TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, TIE-Interceptors, X-Wings, B-wings and A-Wings (Diplomacy and later)
  3. 7 new frigates; Nebulon B, Nebulon B2, Lancer Frigate, Tartan Patrol Craft, Carrack Gunship, Corellion Gunships, Corellion Corvettes, Assault Frigate Mk II, MC30b series, Lambda shuttles (Rellion) and Galofree Transports
  4. 8 new cruisers, Interdictor, Vindicator, Escort Carrier, Loronar Strike cruiser, MC40a light carriers, Nebulon B escorts, Bulk cruisers, Assault Frigate Mk I, Consular (Rebellion) and Dreadnaughts
  5. 9 new capital ships; Victory II-class Star Destroyer, Victory IIC-class carrier Star Destroyer, Imperator-class Star Destroyer, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari 80 and 80a, Mon Calamari Defiance and Libery class, Venator-class battlecruiser and Bothan Assault Cruisers (Rebellion)
  6. 2 new star base models, the XQ platform (Diplomacy and later) and the Golan III station (Rebellion)
  7. 3 new weapons; concussion missles, proton torpedos and ion cannons
  8. 60 new ship names for the Alliance and Empire exclusively
  9. 35 new music themes consisting of ambient and battle soundtracks with race-specific themes
  10. A modified Alliance and Imperial research tree, with unique abilities (Interdiction, Tractor Beam, Shield Focus. Boarding Party) (Diplomacy/Rebellion)
  11. 12 new character portraits
  12. 8 new planet types; 3 oceanic, 3 no-atmosphere (Diplomacy), 2 industrial, swamp (Rebellion) as well as researchable colonization of gas giants and no atmosphere planets (Diplomacy)
  13. 30+ planet bonus, individually tailored to planet types (Diplomacy, with a growing list in Rebellion)
  14. Star Wars EU immersion through appropriate ship use, laser color replacement for all ships and text descriptions updated
  15. Enhanced ingame UI transparency and interface colors

What's new

  1. v1.6 was released on 10th April 2009 and brings Empire support for Entrenchment
  2. v1.7 was released on 23rd April 2009. It is a (hopefully) final major release for the Empire
  3. v2.0 was released on 4th May 2009. It introduces the Alliance side fully rebalanced against the Empire and Tech/Advent/Vasari races.
  4. v2.2 was released on 7th June 2009. It adds a Venator-class battlecruiser, new music and graphics.
  5. v2.3 was released on 13th June 2009. It adds Entrenchment v1.03 compatibility and Mansh00ter's Volumetric Explosion's mod into the code
  6. v2.4 was released on 18th July 2009. It adds a number of enhanceed visuals and balancing tweaks, including the Alliance XQ starbase model.
  7. v2.5 was released on 5th September 2009. It adds 8 new planet types, gas giant colonization and a slew of ship texture improvements
  8. v2.6 was released on 26th October 2009. It adds Sins v1.18 and Entrenchment 1.04 support
  9. v2.7 was released on 5th December 2009. It adds new Empire starbase, new capital ship abilities and many audio and graphics updates.
  10. v2.8 was released on 15th March 2010. It tweaks and optimizes the mod and is the final installment of Entrenchment
  11. v3.0 was released on 13th May 2010 and brings Empire and Alliance support to Diplomacy
  12. v3.5 was released on 20th June 2012 and is the final installment of Diplomacy
  13. v4.0 was released on 7th July 2012 and brings Empire and Alliance support to Diplomacy
  14. v4.2 was released on 6th October 2012 and brings Empire and Alliance support to Rebellion
  15. v4.3 was released on 1st March 2013 and Industrial and Swamp planets
  16. v4.4 was released on 10th March 2013 and adds Oceanic, planet bonuses and fixes the dreaded multiplayer sync bug

For all release notes see this thread: http://db.imperial.cc/show.cgi?id=sins&a=view&f=2&t=5


Requiem is tribute to Ironclad's decision to strong support the mod development community. If you are reading this Ironclad please refer to my wishlist post!

  1. This mod was created by JasonFJ, a Star Wars fan and avid gamer, who somehow managed to thrash out this mod despite holding down a full time job and one hell of a fine girlfriend. Appreciate my sacrifice!
  2. Goafan - who helped enhance Requiem 2 (Entrenchment) and 3 (Diplomacy) versions. A great co-conspirator who has contributed a lot to the evolution and improvements of Requiem. Also the author of the "Requiem Plus" add-on and a slew of enhancements to the main Requiem 3.x release line.
  3. George Lucas - Full tribute belongs to George Lucas who as we all know was the originator of all thought and material that now comprises the Star Wars universe. George if you're ever in Singapore or Australia drop me an email I'd like to buy you dinner sometime. If you're a Lucasarts legal suit looking to sue me for copyright, consider how much free publicity I've given the company and franchise and consider sending me a $10,000 cheque for my time 
  4. EvilJedi - for the significant graphics and audio effects that are the cornerstone of the mod without which I probably would never have done this mod.
  5. SOGE team - who have been slaving away at their epic total conversion Star Wars mod, Sins of a Galactic Empire.
  6. Special mention to Lavo who I know has conspired with Goa in the past. In addition to that awesome mod, many of the evolving meshes in Requiem (Lambda, BAC, Golan etc.) are heavily driven by this team.
  7. Bleachorange - Support and graphics work assistance and continued feedback on the Requiem development.
  8. Gurkoz -  for the incredible sound effects that make this mod even better
  9. ManShooter - for the Volumetric Explosions mod which was included in Requiem Entrenchment to v2.8... truly a god-like graphics enhancement!
  10. Tohklidan -for components of Celestial Bodies mod that really inspired me to work on the celestial bodies artwork.
  11. Uzii -for the planet textures and inspiration that came from the awesome Sins Plus mod.
  12. Bailknight and Moguta - for the original and continued development of this mod which I've adapted for use with Requiem Diplomacy.
  13. Credits to Grundel for the icon button graphics
  14. Thanks to Warmaster and all his info and guidance on making this mod as true to the Star Wars Universe as possible.
  15. Xim, for many fixes and contributions, especially in map-making and the string file.
  16. Thanks to Carl for providing and prompting me to introduce the Alliance and Empire theme icons.
  17. Shout out to all the modders over at the Sins Modding forum - I hate to list out every name under the sun, you guys know who you are and how you've kept the scene going.
  18. A salutation to John Williams, the composer who wrote all the Star Wars movies music. If you like the music you can buy the official Star Wars music CD with all the songs from all the movies.
  19. The many official (mainly Ralph McQuarrie) and unofficial Star Wars artists whose work features in this mod (if we used your work, let us know so we can credit you!).
  20. Thanks to many posters over in the official Sins->Modders forum for all your helpful posts. Stimon000 and Vunda for early suggestions. Special mention to MajorStress and Harpo for helping out on the forums and contributing valuable material to not only Requiem, but the modding community in general.
  21. Bug hunters and supporters gtut, Agersea, Malanthor, wbino, thrakkemarn and many more!

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