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Mood Requiem 3.x for Diplomacy Release Notes

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v. 3.5

(major patch0


  • New ships/models: Bothan Assault Crusier, Victory-II Star Destroyer (model only), Lambda shuttle, Gladiator Star Destroyer, Z-95 headhunter.
  • New ability, fake transponder codes, for the Alliance. A level 8 civilian research, it allows unarmed vessels to be invulnerable for a short period of time (including Starbase constructors). Trade/Refinery ships are completely invincible.
  • Researching the second Rebel black market discount now allows you to see any planets where your trade ships travel.
  • Interdictors now have a new Tractor Beam ability, which reduces the speed and acceleration of strikecraft.
  • Interdictor antimatter and ability costs lowered (900 antimatter maxed out was kind of rediculous).
  • Alliance has a new defense structure, Proton torpedo launcher, instead of turbolaser turrets, with its own set of upgrades.
  • New Empire level 8 civilian research, Forced Acquistion. Increases tax income by up to 15% but also reduces maximum alliegence.
  • New Rebel trade and refinery ships, both as a YT-1300 series transport.
  • Increased the max hyperspace speed bonus by the Duros Explorers tech from 20% to 25%.
  • Give the colony capitalships unique colonize abilities from the Vanilla factions.
  • Standardized the shield mitigation of all frigates to the vanilla default of 60% (shows up as 57% in game for some reason).
  • Reduced the number of TIE bombers per squad to 6 but increased the endurance of each bomber.
  • Strike cruisers and Vindicator Cruisers have switched roles. Vindicators now heavy cruisers, strike cruisers are now an actual support cruisers.
  • ISD-II's Induce Terror now just stops virtually all antimatter generation, instead of all passive rengeration. Duration also lowered.
  • Acclamators now use missiles for their primary weapon.
  • New planet system with 3 new colonizeable planets, and better balance among the planets.
  • Uncolonizeable gravity wells that can have neutral extractors are guarenteed at least one extractor.
  • Militia have been rebalanced, now have different versions of most ships.
  • New Mercenary base event, randonly appears on colonizeable planets (except asteroids). Allows recruitment of militia ships.


  • New voice overs for Acclamators, Bulk Cruisers, Dreadnaughts, Z-95s and Lambda shuttles.


  • Touched up the textures on many models, mostly capitalships.
  • Resized most frigates to be closer to canon respective to each other (no more Carrack cruisers almost as long as VISDs).
  • Fixed the Carack Cruiser and Dreadnaught having switched HUD icons (how long have we not noticed this?).
  • Empire capital colonization ability now uses Lambda shuttles, the Alliance one uses Gallofree transports.
  • Gallofree transports now use light laser graphcis and sounds instead of autocannons.


(major patch)


  • New Tech Trees Progress: 100% Complete Combat and Civilian trees for Empire and Alliance.
  • Added Ion cannon damage type and/or effects to the following units: Imperial Star Destroyers (I&II), Victory Star Destroyer (II), Enforcer Cruiser, Liberty Class Battlecruiser, Defiance Class Starcruiser, MC80 Star Defender, MC40, Assault Frigate.
  • Added Missiles to Venator and Victory-I class star destroyers, as well as MC30 frigate.
  • New Ability: Induce Terror for Imperial-II Star Destroyers. Prevents passive regeneration on all ships within range of a selected target. Also counts as an interrupt.
  • New Ability: Damage Power Converts for Carrack Cruisers. Increases antimatter costs by 25% on targeted frigate. Replaces sabatoge reactor.
  • New Ability: Boron Missiles for Marauder Cruisers (replaces cluster warheads). Deals a small amount of additional damage to the target's hull each volley.
  • Industrial type planets now have the population of Terran planets (though the upgrades are more expensive) and no resource asteroids. They have also been given an ability that reduces the ship construction times of the owner by 33%.
  • Reintroduced colonizeable gas giants. Based on Bespin, they have low health, population and resource asteroids, but have a 100% chance of having a credit giving bonus.
  • Low Atmosphere planets are now internally considered asteroids, meaning Terran population upgrades will no longer affect them.
  • Low Atmosphere planets now have smaller gravity wells.
  • Oceanic planets are now once again internally considered Ice worlds, and are effected by corresponding research. They also had slight population increase and can have up to 4 asteroids, but no longer have their 100% planet health bonus (moved to swamp planets).
  • Swamp worlds are now internally considered Asteroids (thus not effected by terran planet upgrades), but now have a 100% planet health bonus.
  • Reduced fleet supply cost of Enforcer cruisers (22) and Correlian Corvettes (8).
  • The Bulk Cruiser's shield restore ability now gives a short 10% damage reduction bonus.
  • Acclamators now use the colony frigate colonize instead of the capital ship colonize as intended, so no more free extractors.
  • Fixed the Deploy Rouge Squadron ability so that the evassiveness buff ends 120 seconds after the ability was cast rather than when it was last applied to the fighter. It now behaves correctly, though if the Defiance Class cruiser is destroyed the buff will also end as well.
  • Now Compatible with Diplomacy version 1.31


  • New unit voiceovers for: TIE Interceptor, Carrack Cruiser, Lancer Frigate, Enforcer Cruiser, Escort Carrier, Venator Star Destroyer, MC 30, MC 40.
  • New Sound Effects for: TIE Engines, TIE fighter/interceptor Lasers, TIE explosions, Xwing/Awing lasers, Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannons, and some turbolasers.
  • Vanilla Factions now only use Vanila Music.
  • Star Wars factions now only use Star Wars Music, though you may still hear vanilla music when battling Vanilla factions and vice versa.
  • Added some new Star Wars music.
  • Added discovery themes for Alliance and Empire.
  • Fixed some missing sound references.


  • New Victory/Defeat Screens for the Alliance and Empire.
  • New tech tree icons.
  • Two new loadscreen icons.


  • To better fit with lore, the following name changes have been made: Victory-I Star Destroyer is now just Victory, the Venator is now a Star Destoryer instead of a battlecuiser, the Enforcer cruiser is now the Vindicator cruiser (an identical looking Vessel that is more well known and served in the Galactic Civil War, while the Enforcer was only build by the Imperial Remnant), and the Imperator Star Destroyer is now the Imperial Star Destroyer (Imperator was its name during the old Republic).
  • Fix an oversight where several Star Wars cruisers, including Strike Cruisers, Vindicator cruisers, Assault Frigates and Interdictors could regenerate their strikecraft without using antimatter. This has now been corrected, thus making these ships more vulnerable to antimatter depletion, which will shut down their abilities and fighter production. Should also lead to the thining out of strikecraft in long battles, which previously was a significant advantage over the Sins races.
  • Added Green Stars and Skyboxes back in. Sorry Jason, but your way of getting rid of them was causing issues with certain maps. If anyone wants them gone again I'll make a minimod that does it.
  • Lots of string spelling corrections.
  • Some hidden bug fixes.


(minor patch, but highly recommended)

  • The recently installed R series astromech droids on Rebel X-Wings have started to act a bit individualistic. As a result they felt entitled to consuming rediculous amount of system resources. They have been given a memory wipe, and should now behave as intended. This will stop the stuttering issue that occurs late game with Rebel players.
  • A bit of Droid mayhem has been affecting the Empire as well. It seems IG-88 had infiltrated Imperial prode droids, causing them to gather intelligence for the assasin droid instead of reporting to Imperial central intelligence. The affected models have been replaced, so the the Probe Droid ability on Tartan scout frigates should now actually establish remote sensors.
  • A missing string has been fixed.


(major patch)

  • Compadability with Sins of a Solar Empire Diplomacy version 1.2. The engine optmization has greatly increased performance, and computer's that needed to reduce graphic settings to avoid crashes may now be able to turn them back up.
  • Imperial Capital ships roletypes have been shifted around, to be more consistant with Star Wars lore. The Venator is now the carrier, and the VictoryIIc (now renamed Victory-I) is a siege capital with the colonize ability.
  • A handful of new, unqiue abilities have been released.
  • As a result of the previous two, capitalships abilities have been shifted around for both the Alliance and Empire. Don't blindly build your old favorite capitalships, you may be surprised!
  • Tech trees have been revised slightly as research for some of the new abilities has been added and pointless or inconsistant vanilla techs have been removed.
  • New map Imperial Entanglements, highlighting a new Super Star Destoryer capital ship. For balance purposes it cannot be built in regular games.
  • Many minor balance changes, to be consistant with the balance changes in 1.2.
  • The loading screen now has a chance of loading Requiem pictures and tips.
  • New Star Wars research and ability icons, for a handful of unique abilities and research.
  • A new planet type for map makers, WeightedCoreWorld.
  • Lots of string/file fixes.


(major patch)

  • The Alliance Star Defender Strike and Fade ability now increases with level. 5000, then 7000, then 9000 range. Antimatter cost increases 65 to 75 to 85
  • The Alliance Star Defender now has an ultimate ability: Armistice. to more match the role of the ship.
  • The Alliance Liberty Battlecruiser has had it's ultimate ability changed from Armistice to Finest Hour, to more match the role of the ship.
  • Low Atmosphere planets now have a minimum health of 1400. This resolves an issue with a planet negative bonus making it uncolonizable.
  • Resolved the sync error with multiplayer games when building the Alliance starbase.
  • Phase Disrupter research for both Alliance and Empire now refers generically to starbase, instead of too an Executor-class specifically.
  • Heavy Proton Torpedo research now refers generically to siege-role frigates for both Alliance and Empire, instead of too an Acclamator class specifically.
  • Added a patch to the Requiem Bailknight mod to fix white pixellation error (GoaFan)
  • Gave Alliance capital ship names a prefix of "MC", for example "MC Justicator" to match Imperial prefix "ISD" e.g. "ISD Tyrant".
  • Gave Alliance space stations more "Star Wars" like names, e.g. Harlequin Station. Gave Empire SSD stations a prefix of SSD.
  • Added Galaxy Forge enhancements to make Requiem unique planets, ships and bonuses available in Galaxy Forge (Goafan)
  • Low Atmosphere planets now have the same defense as asteroids, instead of always being pirate owned.Alliance Star Defenders have lost their ability "Phase Out Hull" and is replaced by a new ability "Scramble A-Wings". This will deploy a squadron of powerful A-Wings per level of ability.
  • Heavy Strike Fighter ability has been changed on all Imperial and Alliance craft to Elite Squadrons. Basically, the old ability was only buffing physical damage which wasn't helping laser-based Alliance and Imperial craft. The new ability buffs weapon cooldown by 10%, 25% and then 40% to boost overall damage output.
  • Replaced the Button press sound effect with a subtle lightsaber swing sound (yes it was beginning to annoy me too!)


(major patch)

  • Re-introduced Bothan Spies research
  • Renamed Data Archive artifact to Obroa-Skai Node (BleachOrange, done)
  • Renamed Planetary AI artifact to Zonama Sekot (BleachOrange
  • Add planet bonuses permanently to Industrial (production speed), Swamp and Oceanic (bombardment protection)
  • Introduced a third Alliance capital ship, the MC80 Star Defender. Based on the Defiance mesh, it is a support class capital with the following abilities: Shield Restore (restores shields of nearby friendly ships, Phase Out Hull (makes an enemy or friendly ship invulnerable for a while), Strike and Fade (increases fleet speed and phase jump times). Currently it has no ultimate ability.
  • Pirates raids no longer include siege frigates, and their strength has been reduced by 33%. This puts them back into their proper role: an irriating disruption to trade revenue and infrastructure rather than a planet destroyer faction.
  • All miltia and unowned planet defensive craft have been converted into Star Wars universe.
  • The Alliance MC80 battlecruiser has had it's damage output increased by 22% to be consistant with other factions.
  • Empire and Alliance antifighter range has been normalized with other factions (they were set at 2500 compared to other factions 3900)
  • Assigned specific faction names to Empire and Alliance (no more generic "Provians" type names)
  • Added a new Flak Dreadnaught. At present it only replaces miltia/rebel defenses on unconquered planets. Considering making it available to Empire and Alliance as well...
  • Re-balanced both factions cost, damage, hull/shield and experience for Empire and Alliance.
    • Empire: Lancer Frigates were nerfed by about 20% (they had too much turbo laser but anti-strike blasters not changed)
    • Empire: generally speaking, all Empire attack craft received an improvement to their hulls but a slight loss to their shields, as well as a 5% to 10% damage buff
    • Empire: Acclamator I siege frigates had a strong turbo laser.. it's been removed in line with other factions
    • Alliance: Marauder Long Range had their missile damage reduced


(minor patch)

  • Fixed a graphic glitch with proton torpedos (they were missing the texture)


(minor patch)

  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance and Empire were crashing when attempting to build the Galaxy Gun
  • The vile green space background snuck through my Imperial QA net... it has been dealt with and will no longer appear again.


(first release)

  1. The Imperial Siege frigate is now the Acclamator I mesh (the capital ship line up hasn't changed). It has a Colonize ability but it's antimatter regeneration is so slow as to only make it useful every 10 minutes (to fit with occupational role of the Acclamator in Star Wars lore)
  2. Interdictor lasers changed from blue to green. Tractor Beam no longer affects capital ships, but it's duration has been increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds and auto triggers at 25% damage. Shield Focus now reduces damage by 100% for 25 seconds, but it's cooldown has been increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds (escape buff really).
  3. Added swamp planet type and texture. It has similar stats to an ice planet.
  4. Made No atmosphere planets into "low" atmosphere. They are now immediately colonization and whilst asteroids have only 1 stage and terran has 3, these planet types have 2 (a sort of in-between).
  5. Gas planets are not colonizable (for now).
  6. Made the HUD slightly better, fixed the top left junk text issue and added Buy/Sell banners above the trading buttons on the top left.
  7. Enforcer cruisers top speed is halfway between regular frigates and scout frigates, meaning that it can accelerate and hunt down everything but scouts. This replaces the Kodiak Intercept ability (at least for now). Tweaked it's rate of fire to make it more aggressive looking.
  8. The Imperial long range frigate is now the Nebulon B2. Light green lasers now follow the mesh look firing forward and backward, with missles launching from its arms too.
  9. Renamed Dreadnaught to Modified Dreadnaught. Purely a cosmetic name to let people know this isn't a workhorse heavy cruiser.
  10. Added new "dense" cloud layer which is applied to oceanic and swamp planets. Makes them look more realistic.
  11. To create a more consistant Star Wars experience, the white/blue, green, orange skyboxes have been removed. Remaining are: black/blue, dark red, black/white centre and purple.
  12. The green sun has been nerfed. Good riddance!
  13. All ships being researched now show the correct infocard mini icon on the research tree.
  14. Restored Tech Heavy Fallout and High Yield research functions (renamed though)
  15. Removed Fortification Specialist resaearch from Empire non-combat research tree
  16. Shifted ISD research to Military tree. For testing purposes, I've made it a tier 6 research item that requires 2 pre-requisite research: Shield Generators (Interdictor) and Designate Target. This effectively means that you won't get ISDs until you've full researched Enforcers and Interdictors... making heavy cruiser Loronar's a viable research option. I need to see how the AI handles this, and get some beta feedback.
  17. Removed the extra sound effect while hovering over buttons. Just too noisy.
  18. Missile research has been tweaked for the Alliance; the second upgrade for missile damage is now one tier less. The tier for the third laser research has been increased by 1 however. This is to allow the Alliance to get an earlier strike craft strength fitting in with lore.
  19. Research for the super Mon Calamari Liberty and Maria capitalships has been adjusted in the same was as the Empire's ISD. They now require Tier 6 research in the top box (Structural Subsystems) of the military research page.
  20. The Alliance also has access to Cluster Warheads and Heavy Fallout abilities now.
  21. You're going to love this one! Maria-class battlecruiser renamed to Liberty-class. Liberty-class starcruiser renamed to Defiance-class. Basically I had Liberty and Maria as classes but both were winged essentially so messed up the lore a bit. Fixed now.
  22. Alliance Bulk Cruisers have gained a researchable ability to transfer antimatter to other craft.
  23. Both Alliance and Empire have renamed Diplomatic research trees. The Alliance has a slightly different tree with Resettlement (Empire, Tier 3) being replaced by Resistance (Tier 6).
  24. Both the Alliance and Empire now use the Nebulon-B Escort as their diplomatic ship.
  25. Tech Heavy Missle travel particle effect now uses the Requiem concussion missile

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