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Mood Suggestion for galaxy gun

Why not make the galaxy gun into the death star, sure it doesn't make complete sense from a star wars lore point of view, but you could just reskin it and leave it at that :D I wana see a huge lazer hit a planet for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!

Posted: 26-Feb-2011 4:07pm . 0Like0

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Honorary Modder
There was an attempt to make a Death Star mesh a ways back. I'm not sure what happened to it, you'll have to ask Jason. If it is ever completed it would be an easy thing to do, though the other idea for it would be to make it into a planet. One of the two would certainly be implemented.

Posted: 26-Feb-2011 8:03pm . 0Like0
Could we have the Death Star for the Empire and how about a custom weapon for the Alliance like a Modified Galaxy Gun, maybe have it as a Giant space gun just with a different model.

Posted: 14-Jul-2011 1:36am . 0Like0
Honorary Modder
Sorry guys, if I had access to a Death Star I would certainly put one in somehow. Not even Empire at War really had a full Death Star of the quality Sins would require, and it was too big a job the several skilled modelers who tried to make one. I am exploring the possibility of a unique Rebel superweapon though, but the Empire will be sticking with the Galaxy Gun for the time being.

Posted: 14-Jul-2011 6:29am . 0Like0
When I played this mod, I'll admit I was disappointed at no death star, but! After playing a dozen games or so, I'm glad it's not in there, because I don't see how it would balance at all. A mobile, huge ship that can bomb a planet in one hit would be a great advantage to one race.

Other super-weapons can be countered, but the only way to counter a huge ship like that would be to gather your fleet in one place and leave yourself vulnerable everywhere else.

Posted: 29-Oct-2012 2:59pm . 0Like0