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Bug Hunter
I wanted to congratulate you and your team on an excellent mod! The work you've done is professional grade; I'm very impressed!Well done!

Posted: 13-Jun-2011 7:57pm . 0Like0

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I aggree. Thank you for making a great mod!

Posted: 23-Jun-2011 7:06pm . 0Like0
Me too! I played half a dozen mods before I got to this one, and now this is the only one I play. It's the only one that feels like the game could have sold with this mod and only been better!

You guys have kept the balance and simplicity perfect! Nothing feels too powerful, the new races aren't just copied from the vanilla races, but have unique techs and abilities. All races are equally fun, and all have varying strategies which is essential for a mod to be fun to play over and over.

I do wish there could be another race added to increase the depth of the mod, but I also feel like my computer won't handle very much more data. The other mods will take a literal three or four minutes to load on my computer and this one is about as fast as vanilla sins.

Furthermore, I'm glad you've kept up different versions. I'm not planning to buy Rebellion so I'm very grateful for a mod that runs on Diplomacy.

Posted: 29-Oct-2012 3:06pm . 0Like0