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Mood Requiem 2.x for Entrenchment Release Notes

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(major release)

  • Fixed a problem with Interdictors not moving reliably (they were channeling their interdiction instead of passively doing it)
  • Moved the Designate Target ability from Interdictors to Enforcers (Interdictors had 4 abilities already!)
  • Removed Repair ability from Enforcers, increased their cost and normalized their build times. They are a great DPS ship but can be defeated if you don't keep your eye on them
  • Refined the Enforcer mesh... now it fires far more impressively
  • Fixed all hardpoints for weapons and missles on all ship meshes, no more missing Weapon point popups during debugs
  • Swapped the roles of the Nebulon B2 and Lancer to be more in tune with the Star Wars EU (thanks Warmaster!)
  • Added more impressive exhaust systems to the Galofree, Lancer and Victory-class ISDs, and corrected an off-mesh prob with Corvettes
  • Added real ship icons instead of the Tech defaults (thanks to Sonar, Grundel, EvilJedi and the SOGE modders for this)
  • Removed the old Tech pictures (now there is no ship pretty pictures but who needs em!)
  • Changed the default music theme to be Vasari rather than Tech (a more sinister, Imperial-like soundtrack)
  • Changed the name of Imperial to Empire


(minor patch)

  • SabotageAntimatter for FrigateLight now works when researched
  • ClusterWarHeads for Nebulon B frigates now works when researched
  • The Empire now gets a frigate factory and 2 constructors like every other race. Quick start also worksl.
  • Repair Bays were not working - now they do!


(major patch)

  • Dreadnaughts are now replaced by Loronar strike cruiser
  • TIE Fighters and bombers replace tech fighters/bombers
  • Fixed a persistant bug with repair platforms and turrents that wouldn't rotate


(minor patch)

  • Corrected String file to correctly refer to Corellion Scouts, not Corvettes for Timed Explosives
  • Fixed a problem with Designate Target on Enforcers not working
  • Loaded in the Imperial March ogg file from Warmaster!
  • Converted Dreadnught into Torpedo cruiser mesh, using long turbo lasers not missles
  • Put Strike cruiser requirements back in
  • Put TIE fighters/bombers into Hangars


(major patch)

  • Fixed Corellion Scout UnstoppablePhaseJump and Imperial Droid abilities
  • Replaced Corellion Corvettes with Carrack cruiser mesh as "Carrack Gunship"
  • Fixed a starbase issue with Phase Disruptor not working
  • Rename Novalith to Galaxy Gun and fixed research tree
  • Fixed descriptions to Turbolaser upgrades (Range, Rate of Fire, Photon Bolt, Missles)
  • Fixed a bug with Dreadnaught shields, tripled it's cost/firepower, increased shields by 200% only though. Dreadnaught fires twices as fast but reduced damage (still triple all stats inc. cost)
  • Replaced Victory class ISD IIc carrier Embargo ability with Colonize
  • Gave full ISD a minimum of one fighter/bomber squadron. Now all VISD/ISD gain squadrons at different rates, with the VISD-IIc having the highest increase rate per level
  • Changed the startup music from the ambient background to Imperial March


(minor patch, final release candidate)

  • Replaced Corellion Scout with Tartan Patrol Craft, fixed missing Alpha channel on the CL texture
  • Fixed an issue with Interdictor interdiction ability toggling off and on
  • Increased Interdictor Tractor Beam ability from 7 seconds to 20 seconds (to make it less powerful than ISD ability)
  • Stopped Escort carriers wanting to engage in combat directly (if they have a laser fire ability, they will go into laser range it seems)
  • Replaced the entire Civilian Tech Policy research tree with a Civilian Vasari Oppression research tree
  • Removed Autocannon upgrade research
  • Expanded laser research tree to max out at 30% damage, drawn across 4 research hops and 5 tiers of research
  • Replace Armistice ability on ISD Imperial II with Boarding Party (switch enemy frigates to Empire side)


(major release)

  • Introduction of the Alliance race.
  • A full rebalancing of all the races (2 new ones and 3 existing ones)
  • The hotfix fixes the missle upgrade and laser damage increase research trees not working or appearing.



  • Fixed a problem with Alliance missle research tree not accessable
  • Implemented full laser research tree from Empire into the Alliance
  • Added 4 new music tracks for both Empire and Alliance races
  • Fixed a problem with the Alliance MC30a frigate not firing at frigates.
  • Fixed an typo where Sabotage Reactor for the Alliance tech tree says its for the Carrick Gunship (which belongs to the empire).
  • Added a tier 6 extension to ice world research that increases both ice and desert planets by 8%, and also adds +4 tactical slots. 2 levels of upgrade.
  • Moved the Mon Calamari Alliance research to it's own row (expanded the Alliance Policy box)
  • Added a new research ability, Bothan Spy Network" which gives the Alliance the ability to detect enemy culture spread.
  • Fixed shadow light sources on most ships... now they have light and dark sides and look a lot better.
  • Fixed a bug with the Empire Interdictor, where it had 7 antimatter instead of 700.



  • Reduced XP given by Alliance siege frigates.
  • Fixed missing specular, luminosity and bloom maps on the Galofree.
  • Fixed upper bomb hardpoint wrong location for MC80a.
  • Added considerable amounts of transparency to the overall Sins interface to make it less clunky.
  • Added 4 new music tracks for battle, quiet, troube and sad themeses (both Empire and Alliance use)
  • Added the enhanced sound effects from Gurkoz'z SinSounds mod
  • Fixed a bug with the Galaxy Gun not researchable by Alliance
  • Added Venator-class capital class ship to the Alliance as a siege capital variant
  • Made the Empire and Alliance major capital ships unlock at Tier 3, instead of Tier 6 (they didnt seem to appear enough or took too long to arrive for most games otherwise)
  • Re-balancing capital ship stats slightly (e.g. the MC80a has a squadron capability but it's dps is the same as a VISDI/Tech Battleship)
  • Added Empire and Alliance race symbols (Carl)
  • Included Gurkoz's SinSounds mod



  • Provides compatibility with Sins 1.17 and Entrenchment v1.03
  • Incorporated Volumetric Explosions by Manshooter mod into Requiem
  • Moved Venator-class battlecruisers from Alliance into Empire due to overwhelming displeasure from SW lore masters
  • Fixed the shield effects on all Alliance and Empire capital class ships


(major patch)

  • Fixed the missing shield mesh on the Siege Frigates, Nebulon B and Nebulon B2
  • Changed Nebulon B2 lasers to green with medium TL sounds and increased the velocity of the bolts
  • Improved the slightly ugly pixelated image of Padme on the loading screen!
  • Put in the missing string for Galaxy Forge when choosing maps
  • Replaced rebel strikecraft with Imperial strikecraft in Venator class battleships
  • Fixed missing Phase Disrupter ability on Alliance starbases
  • The Alliance starbase now uses the XQ1 mesh, with medium red lasers, super heavy red lasers and concussion missles for it's weapon upgrades.
  • Replaced Heavy Strikecraft with Adept Anima equivilent "Strike Focus" for Empire in the VISD IIc capitals
  • Replaced Colonize with Adept Anima equivilent "Strike Focus" for Empire in the ISD Imperator capitals
  • Renamed the level of detection for ships jumping 1 planet away to: "Hyperwave Transceivers" (BleachOrange)
  • Renamed the level of detection for ships jumping 2 planets away to: "Hyperwave Interceptors" (BleachOrange)
  • Renamed long-range jump to: "Rlativistic Shielding" (BleachOrange)
  • Renamed the Tech Infallible jump drives to: "Hyperwave Inertial Stabilizers" (BleachOrange)
  • Add some blue laser fire effects to ISD Imperator second weapon bank
  • Venator-class capitals now use green laser fire instead of red (GoaFan)
  • Implemented some elements of Sins Texture Pack by Max Teal. Replaced volcanic planet textures with improved graphics (seriously, they were ugly!), enhanced star corona effects, cloud layers and dark side lights (rjhuges)
  • Replaced player portraits with a fully recreated theme set provided by RJhuges. Thanks!


(major patch)

  • Converted super heavy lasers on capital ships and stations to use beam damage type. Text will say super heavy lasers though, just different research mechanic.
  • Added 2 industrial planets, 4 oceanic planets and 3 no-atmosphere plantes/moons from Celestial Bodies and Sins Plus (inspired by GoaFan)
  • Added the ability for all races to colonize gas planets based on Celestial Bodies mod
  • Added ~40 planet bonuses, some from Sins Plus others that I made myself with Star Wars theme
  • Volcanic planets now have equal chance at getting crystal or metal resources
  • Re-textured all existing CL and DA textures, and added NM normals to all ships including the XQ.
  • Reduced the shield restoration power of Alliance Bulk Cruisers from 250 shields every 11 seconds, to 250 shields every 22 seconds.


(major patch)

  • Added v1.18 and v1.041 support [Goafan].
  • Fixed some string errors and corrected an issue with a Starbase update [Moguta].


(major patch)

  • Added Executor-class Super Star Destroyer as the Empire starbase [Jason]
  • Fixed a bunch of string errors and normals textures issues [Jason]
  • Added new voice overs for a majority of all Alliance and Empire ships [GoaFan]
  • Added a large amount of laser particle effects for all green, red and blue laser effects [Moguta]
  • Replaced Self-Destruct with Spawn Defenders ability for Alliance XQ starbase [Goatfan]
  • Added A-wing and TIE Interceptors as new carrier capital class abilities [Goafan]
  • Added new beam weapon attack to the Venator battlecruiser [Moguta]
  • Corrected a number of graphic texture errors to improve realism of ships [Moguta]
  • Added pictures for all Alliance and Imperial ships when you click on them [Whopperdown]
  • Updated quality player portraits that are applicable to the Star Wars time [Whopperdown]


(minor patch)

  • Converted Dreadnaught (antimodule) proton torpedos to turbolasers
  • Removed shield effects from Imperial Star destroyers
  • Added pictures to starbases and some ships
  • Corrected a sound assignment problem


(minor patch by Goafan)

  • Provides Entrenchment v1.05 support
  • Rebel Nebulon-B escort frigates are now a teir 3 tech and the designate targets is a tier 4 tech
  • Bulk Cruiser can now get the Transfer Antimatter ability (with tech) as intended.
  • Empire's Nebulon-B2 siege frigate is now a teir 1 tech.
  • Reworked the Spawn Defenders ability (on the XQ platform) so that some starfighters and frigates are spawned at the first level, while more are spawned at the second. Before all the starfighters were spawned at level 1 and the frigates were added at level two.
  • Deploy Interceptors ability (on the ISD1) is reworked so that it spawns an additional squadron per level.
  • Changed the GalaxySenarioDef file so that militia forces are more in line with Regular Sins (I.e. No more assault Frigates on Ice Worlds)
  • Fixed some other minor details, mostly string errors.


(major patch by JasonFJ)

  • Added unique HUD and mainview icons for all Empire and Alliance ships
  • Added 12 new sound tracks added (3 battles, 4 quiets, 2 sad, 1 troubled, 1 upbeat, 1 ambient)
  • Rehauled the entire music sound entity for maximum Star Wars theme music

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