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Requiem 4.x for Rebellion - release notes
Published by JasonF , last updated 25-Sep-2014 1:28pm by JasonF.


  • Galactic Empire race, with Empire as the "Loyalist" faction only. "Rebel" faction not active yet.
  • A basic import of ships only from Requiem 3.5 for Diplomacy, but completely rebuilt from vanilla files to ensure no bugs or errors persist.
  • All ships have been re-balanced against vanilla.


  • Provides support for a slew of changes brought about by Ironclad in their 1.04 release of Rebellion


  • All the ships present in Requiem Diplomacy 3.5 have been ported across.
  • The Procurator-class battlecruiser has been added as the Alliance titan. It's mesh and textures have been substancially re-worked, in particular it's sizing the weapon locations (it's a side-firing ship).
  • The Bothan Attack Cruiser has been substancially re-worked. It's been increased in sized to be close in size with VISDs (per Wookiepedia canon length) and all it's weapon points have been re-assigned to be front-firing and located on the mesh weapon points. Stat-wise, it's damage has been significantly reduced to compenstate for the fact that it has a squadron capability.
  • All the Alliance capitals have had their abilities re-shuffled from Diplomacy 3.5. The biggest change is making the MC80 into a clear carrier-class role and the MC80a into a support/colonizer role.
  • The Executor-class SSD has been substancially increased in power. I suspect somehow it went into Requiem with only capital class stats: it will now pack a serious punch!
  • Nebulon-B frigates have lost their squadron option - it was way overpowered
  • Fixed Overlapping Shields giving 240% to 460% shield restore buffs on higher levels (Goa may have fixed this in a patch later then the files I was working off but thought I'd mention it).
  • The Bothan capital ability Quick Reflexes was causing a minidump on save after it first trained. It has been removed from the game for now (it looks fine, just causes a minidump on save). To reflect lore I think I will give it a sprint ability to break out of movement cripplers and a short burst of speed.
  • The Empire Venator-class only had 1 fighter squadron... it's been restored back to 3.
  • Empire Turbolaser platforms were really slow firing and now have faster laser speeds and a staggered 1-2 firing style.
  • Corellion Corvettes now have an 8 second afterburner capability (complete with cool particle effect) that doubles top speed and increases acceleration 800%. Does not require training.
  • Bothan Assault Cruisers now have their Strategic Strike icon.
  • Bothan Assault Cruisers have a new ability, Ion Drive - provides a significant boost to speed, acceleration and turning speeds. Should make it jump interference immune too?
  • Novalith Cannons are now known as Galaxy Guns
  • The Bothan Assault Cruiser has had it's various mini icons, buttons and picture fixed, and a somewhat funkier exhaust
  • Astromech Droids ability has been enabled. Need to test this though.
  • The Alliance now has a Liberty-class flagship
  • Building Corvette that gave 9999 credits, ore and crystal have been removed (it was only there to help testers fast-track research)
  • Corellion Corvettes now have attack sound dialog.
  • The Alliance starbase is now buildable.
  • The Empire now has a Golan-3 starbase
  • Militias converted from pure Tech to mixture of Alliance and Empire (unowned planets)
  • Empire Imperial-II capital has been reduced back to 4 abilities - Adaptive Shield was removed.
  • Empire Venator carrier has had it's Colonize ability replaced with Embargo (it should never have had Colonize.. making the Victory II-C more viable)
  • Empire Victory II-C has had it's ultimate ability of Finest Hour replaced with Flux Field (low cost antimatter) to make it more in line with a support role
  • The Alliance has now a Civilian ability Spy, which lets Corellion Scouts gather recon inteligence on planets.
  • Turbo laser platform research tree for Alliance have been completed, and the Empire platform has been fixed (it was using lasertech the wrong weapon class)
  • Empire and Alliance titans have had their bombing damage and population kills normalized with other vanilla titans
  • The Alliance now has the Consular-class cruiser as it's diplomatic craft
  • All Alliance and Empire now use the Advent hyperspace chargeup and travel particle effects. Particle effects have been resized for titans and large capitals so they no longer clip over the hulls.
  • The Alliance tech tree has had it's ugly dog vomit color backgrounds improved promising hours of vomit-free gameplay
  • X-Wing, A and B wings now have a soundtrack flight engine sound
  • Allliance can now build dreadnaughts.

v4.2.2 Hotfix

  • The Empire titan SSD now has optimized firing and bombing fire.. it should not ram enemy craft anymore and turn to fire sideways much earlier.
  • The Empire/Alliance protraits were missing (messed up the packaging) and are now restored.
  • The multiplayer sync bug has hopefully been fixed - the starbase names for Empire/Alliance were moved up further in English.str to see if that fixed the bug like it did in Diplomacy.
  • Turbolaser platforms should now properly spawn in strong militia controlled planets.
  • Industrial planets have returned to Requiem! They have very large population and income potential but are heavily defended by their local planetary governments or militias.


  • The multiplayer sync bug has been fixed and confirmed. It was due to a naming convention mismatch with starbase file names.
  • Corvettes are now available in the Alliance and Empire fleet, with Tech and Vasari defectors providing initial support as both factions integrate their technology.


  • Oceanic, Shallow Sea and Swamp planets
  • The following artifacts will replace existing equivilent ones:
    • A partial clone of the Obroa-Skai central information repository has been found, significantly reducing research time and cost.
    • The Star Forge is a giant automated shipyard, designed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire to allow ships and modules to be constructed at an incredibly increased rate.
    • Zenama Sekot: a force-sensitive intelligence manages all aspects of population development on your empire's planets, yielding higher population growth and tax rates.
  • The following planet bonuses (which will be applied to new and existing/vanilla planets)
            Bacta Oceans
            Bothan Spy Network
            Force Crystals
            Hutt Cartel
            Imperial Resistance
            Swamp Atmosphere


  • Provides support for Rebellion 1.52 patch (Steam)
  • New ultimate ability "Wormhole Generator" allows a pair of MC80 to drop a temporary phase gate that allows them to jump to each others location ignoring phase lane restrictions.
  • The Alliance also has a new ability to research: Civilian -> Engineering -> "Offworld Command", which protects the Alliance from defeat if its capital world is destroyed.
  • The Empire has a new ability, Military -> Assault Technology -> "Scorched Earth". It allows them to effectively scuttle a planet, taking a large amount of resources and turning the planet into a dead asteroid.
  • The Empire has lost the ability called "Insurgency" (a Tier 8 ability) as it's been replaced by "Scorched Earth".
  • New sound effects for mouse hover and button presses.
  • The Alliance and Empire Starbase can now have Self-destruct and Resupply researched and used
  • The Corellion Corvette role has been changed from light frigate to corvette to better match it's size and speed to the role.
  • The CC-9600 line frigate has been added to perform the role of a light frigate.
  • A-Wings now have a correct mainview HUD icon.
  • Alliance and Empire flagships (game mode) no longer can bombard planets.
  • Heavy Fallout was referring to the anti-module ships of other factions: it now refers generically to anti-module craft.
  • New planet bonuses have been applied appopriately to Requiem planets


  1. Support for the new 1.79 patch
  2. Galaxy Gun cooldown increased from 6 minutes to 15 minutes. This is to mitigate mid-late game AI spamming of Galaxy Guns and doing remote empire wipe.
  3. All races now start with a starbase to defend their home planet. This mitigates unrealistic early game home planet loss.
  4. Fixed an issue with Ion Overdrives for Bothan Attack Cruisers that was changing the duration to 0 after the first upgrade.
  5. Bothan Spies (scout ship probe ability) has been fixed and now works.
  6. Strike and Fade now properly renders its buff effect


  1. Support for the new 1.82 patch (Neutron Star, Spaceship Graveyard etc.)
  2. Empire Interceptors now show their unique icon correctly.


  1. Support for all current DLC (fixes various missing string errors that the DLCs were introducing)
  2. Re-compressed all files
  3. Fixed Empire portrait appearing twice on race pre-select screen.

Known issues

  • Music track is missing a track that meets the upper/lower threshhold and generating "Assert @ C:ProjectsP4SinsRebellionJapaneseCodeSourceGS/Sound/MusicSystem.cpp(324)"