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Mood An Idea for Empire and Rebellion... erm, rebels.

(Yes, I just now realized how stupid rebels of the Rebellion sounds)

Anyways, my idea is not to make them Jedi and Sith, but instead to make the offshoots based on the book series. For instance, there were those in the Empire, during the Imperial Civil War that sought defense and peace rather than expansion, as was promoted by Palpatine. Not to mention there was indeed an Imperial Senate, so perhaps a Senatorial Empire, or something similar?

For the Rebellion's offshoots, that would be easy. There were many who continued to fight under the name of the Rebellion, even after the New Republic was founded. Thus, the two sects could quite easily be renamed and used, with one being to control a large empire, the other continuing to fight like rebels, with hit and run styles.

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Requiem Developer
It's not a bad idea, and something that sounds feasible. I was going to focus on getting the CIS and Old Republic races into the mod first though...

Posted: 28-Nov-2012 11:24am . 0Like0