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Mood Instant Allying?

Bug Hunter
Hello everyone. Using Rebellion, is there any way players can ally with who ever they want when ever they want regardless of there current relationship or race? Eight of us will be playing over a LAN and as people get taken out I don't want them to sit around for hours while other play. that's just not fun. I was trying to find a way anyone could ally when ever they wanted, this way if someones is about to loose there last planet they could quickly ally with there conqueror They then still play but under orders from his conqueror..... any thoughts?

Posted: 15-Mar-2013 7:01am . 0Like0

Replies (2)

Even if your allied if your wiped out your wiped out
if this is for personal use set culture to low so you dont loose planets to culture to much and then when hes down to his last planet each of you forward loads of reasources to beef up your relationship and build some envoys

Posted: 15-Mar-2013 10:39pm . 0Like0
Sith Lord
I recommend the person who is about to be defeated communicate their surrender and intent to be a puppet state to the conqueror and you guys follow the above instructions. As far as I know, there is no way to instantly ally without beginning the game that way.

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