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Hello Requiem fans,


I am GoaFan77, a former modder of the Entrenchment and especially Diplomacy versions of Requiem. With Rebellion, I decided to start a mod of my own, called Star Wars: Interregnum. Like Requiem, it features the original races of Sins of a Solar Empire fighting Star Wars factions. However, it is a much bigger departure from Vanilla Sins gameplay than Requiem was, with both Sins and Star Wars factions getting lots of changes to encourage different play styles. It also goes farther in the time line, with tons of content from the post Endor Star Wars expanded universe, as well as Imperial Warlords and eventually New Republic factions based entirely on that era. The mod even has it's own alternate storyline and lore, that explains how the Sins races fled to the Star Wars universe while running from the Vasari's persuers, and how their arrival deeply changes the galaxy far, far way.

The mod is not quite finished but is quite playable. We have recently released our third Alpha release, which adds the Rebel Alliance to our existing Imperial factions, so you can have Rebel versus Empire battles just like in Requiem. Some differences from Requiem:

  • Hero Units for all factions.
  • Specific planets for Star Wars worlds, included Coruscant, Kuat and Mon Cala (AKA Mon Calamari).
  • All units have unique abilities, with almost no copies of vanilla abilities.
  • Star Wars factions have exaggerated strengths and weaknesses compared to vanilla factions, allowing balance to be maintained while encouraging very different playstyles.


As Interregnum is in many ways a spiritual sequel to Requiem, I think anyone reading this would quite enjoy Interregnum, and I hope Jason does not mind my posting this here. For players wanting a Sins mod with both the Sins and Star Wars races that is still in active development, I hope you agree Interregnum is a great option.

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