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Mood Suggestions for both factions - episode II

Well after reading throughout the forums, I've gather up some suggestions for both faction, from my personal opinion I believe the both SW:Requiem factions are too similar to the Vanilla SoaSE factions. So starting similarly like my other post, empire first...


Empire should be a mass production force, with general cruisers and frigates being cheap to make, focused on certain roles, with majority of their resources spent on their capital ships, and heavy cruisers, possibly all more advanced capitals/ships should be tied to a research, with the starting available capitals/ships being generally weak in comparison to other race.

The effect of research should be more dramatic for the empire, Empire ships at start would be generally weaker, but easy cheap to produce. With proper research the empire gains bonuses to planet taxes, better mining of resources, stronger culture resistance, more powerful attacks, more powerful heavy cruisers and capitals, stronger hull/armor/shields. Possibly at a cost to production, so ship production is more expensive at later tiers of research. SO the empire starts off cheap but becomes more expensive at late game.

Key ideas for Empire:

1. All heavy cruisers and capitals ships, titan should have hangars for strike craft, after all tie fighters and bombers were designed to be small and easily store by empire ships. In that regard, they're generally weaker than strike craft from other factions.
2. Research, research, research, Empire relies heavily on research, weak in the beginning, powerhouse later on
2. Should have researched bonuses to production speed, more so than other races. They should be able to re field forces generally quick.
3. The Empire's capital ships are generally slower than other races.
4. Heavy cruisers, and early capital ships have a specialty. Later tier capitals and their titan should be able to fit multiple roles.
5. Capital planet has a bonus to allegiance
6. Weak culture spreading, but high culture resistance.

Examples of possible research for Empire:

1. "Tie Craft Optimization" - Research to improve the production of strike craft, effects all heavy cruisers, and capitals, titans
2. "Improved Targeting Parameters" - late tier research increases the banks for capital ships/titan/star bases, like the Vasari diplomatic pact - taken from my earlier post, I still think it fits well with Empire
3. "Improved Forward Shielding" - gives a reduction to damage taken to the front for capital ships, possibly only when phasing into a gravity well?
4. "Imperial Demands" - Research for increase of planetary tax income, big bonuses at a penalty to allegiance
5. "Loyalty can be Bought" - Better deals at the black market, cost of hiring pirates reduced
6. "Tyranny" - Capitals repel culture in the gravity well they reside

Ideas for Titan abilities:
Suppression - aura that slows enemy ships.
Tractor Beam - Disables and pulls a enemy ship to the titan
Spawn prototype Tie/D Defenders - Titan spawns temporary prototype fighters effective against all enemies


Rebels should be a resourceful, agile, adaptable force. With the ability to gather resources from other than typical means. With weapon research emphasizing on mobility, superior strike craft, and salvaging. Capital ship ships should have strong tactical abilities that support friendly troops, and weaken/disable opponents. In general the rebel fleet relies heavily on their ships capabilities and timing.

Rebels should be be able to expand faster than other races at the beginning, with most planet colonizing research available to them, but gather less resources as well, with early research that lets them gather resources from destroyed ships. With proper research, their resource gathering gets on par with other races. Weapon research should focus on mobility and speed. Rebel ships are generally weaker and less armor, but maneuver better. Their capital ships have strong support abilities, but can't stand toe to toe with other races for long engagements, the rebels rely on superior strike craft to do most their damage. Over all the rebels are a hit and run race, strong at short engagements when capital/cruiser abilities are available.

Key Ideas:
1. Rebels can expand faster at start, with most planetary colonization research initially available to them. In return their planet population and resource gathering is not as high as other races. With proper research this increases.
2. Research to reduce the cost of planet upgrades, and structures.
3. Strong culture spreading, not as strong as advent.
4. Capital/Cruiser abilities should be strong, general more superior then other races, but with longer cool downs and larger anti matter costs.
5. Research that improves antimatter costs and reduces ship cool downs, this is the key to late game rebels. With increases to anti matter and shorter cool downs the rebels can increase their effectiveness in longer engagements.
6. Specialty Cruiser/Capital that can convert enemy frigates/cruisers
7. Research to improve flight craft, this over all increases their combat effectiveness, and defenses when using hangars.
8. Rebel ships are squishier then other races, this gets somewhat alleviated with research, but generally weaker than other races.
9. Research that improves ship speed and mobility.
10. Rebel titan is a powerful tactical power house.

Samples of possible research:

1. "Hidden Hyper Space Routes" - Rebels can phase to their home world from any gravity well.
2. "Superior Flight Crews" - speed and mobility of ships/capital/titan improves.
3. "Ace pilots" - Combat effectiveness of Strike Craft improved
4. "Ship Optimization" - Reduction in ship cool-downs.
5. "Salvage" - Rebels receive resources from enemies destroyed
6. "The force is with us" - Antimatter reserves and regeneration increases.
7. "For the Republic" - when entering a hostile enemy well, rebels receive a bonus to defenses.
8. "Rebel presence" - any gravity well a scout ship visit has is revealed for a while after scout leaves

Idea for Titan:

"Focus Fire" - titan marks an enemy ships increase damage it receives
"Boarding Party" - The titan can convert any enemy frigate/cruiser/capital with low health.
"Embolden" - active aoe that restores shields and increases attack speed for short time

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Requiem Developer
Great ideas.. the ones that don't break game balance with vanilla I'll definitely look at adding into the next update.

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I like the suggestions made here, however id like to point out one of the suggestions:
"Hidden Hyper Space Routes- Rebels can phase to their home world from any gravity well"

Unless you can make sure thats a one way trip, it'll essentially give the rebellion a way to have a 2 jump reach in the system their home planet is located.

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