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Mood Jason's Wishlist for Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion

Requiem Developer

Not that I'm suggesting there is a second version coming out.. but if there was this is what I'd like to see:

  1. Single and multiplayer campaign mode and player-customized campaigns. This is the biggest gap in both single and multiplayer modes. Even if it was simply a bunch of maps linked together with a storyline that you had to do in a set order would be a win. Having your top 4 capitals be transferred between maps would be nice also (you'd need to be able to level cap them per map though)
  2. Scripted triggers, e.g. something like this
    • EventPlanetCapture
      conditions 1
      actions 3
      eventmsg icon=4 duration=10 "You've taken the enemy home planet, however they have reinforcements now"
      Spawn(capitalship,type 2,RandomPlanet(owner=2))

      this could be used to trigger campaign modes and customized victory conditions (capture planet called "xxxx" for victory, produce y capital ships, etc. to move to next campaign map.

  3. Random events that can be customized per planet
    • e.g. earthquakes on a volcanic planet causing population loss
    • e.g. social reforms on any planet result in boostd ship production times
    • e.g. bad weather on a planet results in 50% reduced resource production
    • e.g. random attack by local militia (spawned 3-4 frigates)
  4. Z-axis. Being able to go up and down and around the planet (like in Homeworld)
  5. A tool to convert Sins .mesh into .XSI.
  6. Bigger planets and gravity wells. Think of Freespace by Microsoft... ships should e dwarfed by planets and stars (this would also allow the introduction of super star destroyers etc.)
  7. 64-bit and multi-CPU capable. This would allow the increase of constant hardcoded limits and the infamous 2Gb dump.
  8. More modding capabilities, tools and resources, and less hard coding of things. 
  9. More fleet formation options. The 4 rows and limited assignment options just aren't cutting it. In addition to locating ship classes into more locations, different formations should be selectable with different spacing options.
  10. Cooperative Multiplayer. Let me say it again. Cooperative multiplayer with LAN and Internet support. If you do nothing else but preserve this feature I will thank you forever.

    and finally

  11. PIRATES FIX. Seriously.. no more pirates bombing a planet into oblivion and killing 280 million people. Pirates don't do that. Here's the solution:
    • No planetary bombing and kiling population.
    • No gigantic fleets that wipe out entire planets
    • Pirates raids should be small fleets of 2-4 frigates, 1 cruisers and an anti-module at most. Larger bountries might double or triple at most.
    • They should strike randomly at any planet (sometimes 2 at once) and not have to traverse phase lines to get there (they are sneaky remember). The planet they pick should be the weakest that has decent trade income.
    • A decent setup of hangar bay and 2-3 gauss guns should be sufficient to defend trade ports which should be the primary focus of pirates.
    • Pirates don't destroy trade ships, they raid trade ports and steal credits and resources.
    • Presence of pirates in a system reuce credit/resource production by 50% to 75% for that system.
    • Pirates that take more than 50% losses should retreat/vanish. Otherwise they stick around forever until driven off.
    • Each system that is infested with pirates should also trigger random bad events: possible destruction of an extractor, reducing population by 1m per 5 minutes, increased ship build times.. the usual stuff that would happen in a lawless system.

Posted: 11-Sep-2011 4:36pm . Reply : 0Like0

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Honorary Modder
JasonF said:
  • Z-axis. Yes, being able to go up and down and around the planet (like in Homeworld)

  • Actually you can already do this, you just need to assign a key command in the hotkeys section and somewhere there is a Z-axis control. Otherwise everything looks good, and 64 bit computing is a must!

    Posted: 12-May-2010 11:16pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
    But it's still not a fully z-axis capable game the way HW was. Meaning that the game is naturally played in x/y. Although at first I spent a lot of time wishing for the fully 3D experience that HW offered, I soon reversed due to the need to be able to quickly move from conflict to conflict and from tactical to strategic control. HW didn't require you to fight in multiple systems (although there were some large ones) and you weren't required to manage efforts across a dozen different worlds in HW.

    Man I miss that game sometimes.

    Posted: 13-May-2010 3:48am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
    I'd really like to see them move to a more realistic star-system setup. Where each star was 1 system and phase lanes were between stars, not planets. That's probably more a SoSE 2 item though, since it would probably involve major changes to the engine.

    Posted: 31-Dec-2011 6:36am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
    Sith Lord
    I seem to agree with all of the above (excepting the z-axis, pros and cons), though I lack knowledge of what an .XSI file is.

    Posted: 23-Jan-2012 8:10pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
    FreeSpace was done by volition, and Freelancer by Microsoft

    I'd only add my wish: ship destruction a'la Empire at War (with subsystems and breaking models ... that'd be _SO_ awesome

    Posted: 30-Jan-2014 9:57am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0