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Mood Lots of crashes and minidump errors.

Firstly, thanks very much for doing this mod. Sins of a Galactic Empire just doesn't seem to have the same feel. Anyways, as for the bug report.

Occasionally, when launching the game, I will have a notice saying that there was a minidump error of somesort, and that I need to close the game. That's usually fine, because I can start the game up again without a problem. I can play probably a good 30-45 minutes before the game randomly crashes - sometimes it's right after I make a movement order, or when I choose to research something, or for no reason at all. Yet when I re-start the game and research/make the same movement order, I don't have a crash to desktop. I am using the Forbidden Worlds DLC from steam, and am using version 1.52 of the game, and I have followed the instructions on how to download Requiem and install it correctly. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

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Requiem Developer
Try turning down your graphics one level... that resolved some instability issues for me.

I've just played over 30 hours of gameplay on 2 network PCs and rock solid... but thats on the 1.72 beta code.

I think Ironclad have fixed some stability issues that probably stemmed from graphics and rendering.

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