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Mood Starting buildings etc


First of all, since it's the first time I post, congratulations for your excellent mod for us SW fans

Now, on to the subject.

When I start a game, say, large map, random, single, I notice that some AI players (2-3) don't start with absolutely anything, not even a construction frigate (not even crystal or metal exctractors or anything, they just wait for the construction frigate to spawn to start building). This happens whether I play normal start or quick start. And as you can imagine, in quick start, we get a capital ship factory and a starbase as well, while those 2-3 AIs (out of 8) get absolutely nothing and ending up getting streamrolled.

Since I noticed these happens with mostly TEC (ableit not all times TEC start like this), I wonder if this is intentional?

The issue with this bug(?) is that the game goes completely imbalanced (esp. if you want to quick start so that all races start with a starbase to defend their home planet to avoid any early rushes).

Those 2-3 AIs are doomed to either die or be completely mediocre and whoever spawned close to them gets the upper hand.

Now I tried a few times playing unfair difficulty and this doesn't happen there, which is good. - Problem is, I can't handle unfair difficulty. It's too... unfair...lol

Anyway, I thought to post about it because if it's a bug, it's worth looking at I think.

Btw, I disabled the mod and test this in normal game (to see if it's a normal game bug) and this doesn't happen there.

Furthermore, while I"m here....something doesn't quite fit with the Empire titan. Empire is all about dmg (they get the 15% dmg abilities etc), and their titan is a ... defensive one. All the more so, it doesn't synergize at all. For example. Rebels are all about healing with their utility ships etc and they get a defense boost from their titan's abilities. Good synergy. Empire is all about dmg, they do get a dmg reduction of 50% from their utility ships and another 82% (if lvl 4) dmg reduction bonus from their titan, which is completely overkill and un-synergizing. Wouldn't it better if Empire's titan was similar to TEC Rebels? (all about dps)? - I understand that there could be problems because the way the titan is now, it can not focus fire frontally and the TEC rebel titan is all about frontal focus fire - including its abilities - but maybe you can fix the "hardpoints"/titan of Empire so it can frontal focus or something? It's just that, an empire defensive titan is... ough...so not SW-shy... It just doesn't feel right....lol

Anyway, once again, congrats on the excellent SW mod and thanks

Best regards,

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Requiem Developer
I'll check out those crippled AI spawns right now.

As for the Executor class.. yes the Empire is about offense... and I'll have a play and look at transfer some Tech Rebel abilities over to it instead of defensive.

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