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Mood The rebel aliance turbolaser platform upgrades don't show up.

Rebel Alliance turbolaser plat
I'm not sure if this a bug but I'm pretty sure it is, if you play the rebel alliance and then upgrade the turbolaser platforms with the short range laser or proton cannon, they show up the model... except no abilities are added to the platform nor do the guns fire. I did upgrade to proton guns first before getting the short range lasers if that is necessary to duplicate the glitch.

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Whoops forgot to login when I made this message. Okay so here's what happened in more descriptive fashion. Playing latest sins of a solar empire rebellion build and I pick rebel alliance. Its medium random map and I'm taking a lot of planets so I need defense at those planets. I decide to get a good fleet first so I go for assault mk 1 ASAP giving me 6 military labs in the process. After that I get one more lab and then research the proton gun and then the other upgrades for the turbolaser platforms. The guns appear on the models but they don't fire and nor do the abilities show up when I select the platforms. Here's hoping I didn't install the mod correctly. I'll take another look this weekend when I have the time to better describe the problem I'm having.

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