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Mood AI Broken in new update 4.8

The AI seems broken in 4.8.

The AI doesn't seem to colonize planets. Also, the starbase is non-existent in the AI home planet.

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Also, when queing the starbases, if the research is not done yet, it doesn't upgrade anything until the research is done. Ex: docking base is in que, but since the research isn't done, upgrading the fighter squadrons just sits there.

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Requiem Developer
For the AI not colonizing planets.. can you be specific? Certain types of planets (gas) cannot be colonized. And others require research. The AI may not have researched it.

For non-existent starbase in AI home planet... will check that out. Was there a particular map you were playing? Or random?

For the starbase not building until research is done... that's normal gameplay. You can't build something you haven't researched. Goes for ships also.

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Sorry I wasn't clear.

Here are the bugs I've noticed:

I only play random maps.

1. There is no indication of enemy AI home planet.
2. There is no star base in the enemy home planet (I've figured out what the enemy home planet is since that is the only planet colonized).
3. AI does not colonize any planets. This is highly strange since the planets have structures, but the planet itself is not colonized.

That being said, I took the English.str file from 4.8 and replaced the one in 4.71.

There are no string not founds that I've seen, and it works like a charm. Let me know. Great work Jason.

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Requiem Developer
Ok that seems very strange... I just tested this and found no issues.

Can you do the following.

1. Go to Single Player
2. Choose Map Designer
3. Preview the default New-0 world. It should have Random Star and a couple of Planet Groups.
4. You will be able to see all the AI players, including their star bases.... and you can watch them play.

For me.. I see they all have star bases, and are sending out scouts and colonizing normally. I'm playing v1.82.5006 (bottom right corner).

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