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Mood Feedback for 4.8

Honorary Modder

Hello Jason,


Long time no see. I decided to try out 4.8 just to look around, noticed some things you might want to look at.


1. You're missing some DLC related strings. In particular the Economic Downturn random event at least.

2. The CC-9600 frigate is using its HUD icon as a mainview icon (or one of those three small icons).

3. The vanilla races get minor bonuses for the first three titan techs, but the Alliance doesn't seem to get any.

4. Seems if you have the Forbidden Worlds DLC, you can get both types of Oceanic planets (from the mod and from the vanilla game). Maybe try to make them a little bit different, or remove the vanilla one from the GSD planet lists?

5. Sometimes the Empire seems to get TEC faction names? (Had an Emp AI named Lexmada).

6. All your Dreadnaught's and Carrack Cruisers seem to have their HUD icons switched (probably an old mistake back from the old days lol). Also our ISDs HUD icons are technically of the similiar looking Praetor Battlecruiser, not real ISDs.

Posted: 17-Oct-2014 6:00am . Reply : 0Like0