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Mood Exacting Star Wars Galaxy Map (UPDATED LINKS)

Sith Lord

UPDATED POST AND LINKS (7-17-2012)This is an incomplete version of the Star Wars galaxy (for Diplomacy or Entrenchment. Sadly, I can't remember which). It is a work in progress, and I'm not sure if I'll get to completing it or not. However, it is extremely detailed as far as it goes (Star Wars Atlas).

Recommended Video SettingsExhaust Trail: Lowest
Fleet Sizes: Low/Small
Other Graphics: Whatever you normally use
Zooming: You may find that pausing the game to zoom and rotate the map is helpful
Program Priority: High (This is not necessary, but I found it improved performance)
Map InfoStars:24
Starting PositionsUser: Endor
P1: Mon Calamari
P2: Corellia
P3: Hapes
P4: Tattooine

Download HERE:


This is an exacting recreation of the galaxy (as far as it goes), the only discrepancies that may arise are the number of moons on planets with more than 10. Strategies? You start in separate systems, so place starbases at your stars and adjacent planets. In case you don't already know, you can place up to 2 starbases in a star's gravity well versus the normal 1 per planet. This strategy allows you to commit your fleet elsewhere and buffer if not repel any invasion.

Hope you enjoy. Post any questions in this thread and hopefully I'll get to them soon.
ps - take a look at Bespin for a laugh.

"Join me, and I will toss you off a balcony in your moment of triumph!"

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After playing about a half-hour of this map, it seems to me that there are not enough resources early-game. You should make some of the moons regular asteroids instead of dead asteroids to stimulate the gameplay.

Posted: 31-Jul-2010 2:57am . 0Like0
Sith Lord
I could sprinkle in some regular moons (asteroids). The original goal with dead asteroids was to prevent someone with a couple of planets with 10 moons from overpowering someone with more planets but less moons (kind of anti-lore and common sense you know?). It would make it more worth your time to explore all the moons if they werent all dead, though. I'll do that, and upload it again if you need it. Otherwise, just go into galaxyforge and change the planet type.
"Join me, and I will toss you off a balcony in your moment of triumph!"

Posted: 31-Jul-2010 5:42pm . 0Like0
the link is down please re-upload or fix so those of us that don't have it can get this interesting map.

Posted: 27-Jun-2012 10:36pm . 0Like0
Very good what i saw of the map just to big for my computer
however you are correct about setting the priority to high. Plugging in a flash drive configured for ready boost delays the inevitable lag later as well

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