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Mood Submitted Map: Roleplaying Map

This is a link to a map I just finished some final touches on:


Credit for the layout goes to the original creator of this map, I did not place the planets or name them!

I found the file after about 30-40 minutes of searching through already made Star Wars maps...I like this one because everything is in one star, so it looks nicer on the overall map when its zoomed out.

I designed this to be more of a roleplaying map rather than a standard gameplay map...this is an IMPERIAL player map. Factions and layout are as follows:

Empire- obviously stationed around Coruscant, they have the highest starting funds

Rebel Alliance- Starts in the outer rim terrirories, they are the most spread out faction, having a planet in various locations throughout the galaxy, allowing them to spread faster than other factions if they so desired

CorSec- they are also obviously stationed around Corellia, however they are dangerously close to the Empire! They are about equal in starting size but not equal in starting funds...so both CorSec and the Empire will need to decide early on: to be friends and secure the core together, or see each other as a future threat and fight to eliminate the other, thereby securing the core for themselves in the early game.

Hutt Cartel- Small base of operations in the outer rim

Black Sun- Small base of operations in the outer rim, but few other players nearby, so easy to expand.

Zann Consortium- Small bases within the outer rim, good natural fortifications with asteroid belts on either side of their starting home planet.

I can make different versions if people on here so desire, I just enjoy making roleplaying maps more than the standard ones. Enjoy and please, provide feedback!

Posted: 21-Dec-2010 7:51pm . 0Like0

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Corrected version- http://www.mediafire.com/?kodij30o6w3jmzw

sorry, cant edit my post!

Posted: 21-Dec-2010 10:34pm . 0Like0
Also for reference to my roleplaying setup:

-Civilian facilities only cost 1 upgrade slot
-Trade Ports/Refineries produce 20 ships (Makes it looks like actual space traffic when looking at certain systems)
-Orbital Hangars produce 6 squadrons

Any other ideas? Let me know

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Honorary Modder
Well that's quite a large map, I can see its going to take me a while to finish this one. Though it looks like the base was for regular Sins, so you may want to spice it up by changing some of the generic Sins planet to some of the Requiem added ones (as you seem to have done for Coruscant).

Posted: 22-Dec-2010 8:01pm . 0Like0
Yes I was going to get around to it..basically on my first run im testing how my system handles the increased amount of trade ships...so far, I dont think it'll work, may have to halve the numbers...next I'll work on converting the planets as you instructed..just wanting basic feedback for now and like i said...some people may want different versions so i wanted to see what work i was going to have to do in the long run with it.

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Honorary Modder
If you're having issues with the trade ships, try unchecking the show tradeship icons buttons. That's actually one of the best things you can do if you are having performance problems, and even more so with that many trade ships.

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is it faction specific for the role playing ex

player 1 empire
player 2 alliance
and so on and so forth

Posted: 31-Jan-2011 3:16am . 0Like0
Honorary Modder
No, even vanilla factions will work fine. The map is still a little rough though (You have to upgrade your starting planets etc.) That said with over 400 planets it is probably the biggest Star Wars map for Sins.

Posted: 2-Feb-2011 11:41pm . 0Like0
If your taking requests a medium (40 planets or so) map based on the thrawn campagin would be sweet

Posted: 19-Mar-2013 12:19am . 0Like0
Sith Lord
I have a map based on the thrawn campaign map that's probably about 80-90 actual planets. total is over 100 due to it counting magnetic fields as planets (used them as hyperlane waypoints). I'll release it when Jason incorporates the extra bonuses I came up with to use on the map in the next requiem update.

It's a partial galaxy map that makes expanding away from your enemy while also battling them paramount. If you'd like to play test it for me, I'll link you all files needed so I can get feedback on it for balancing purposes.

Posted: 19-Mar-2013 9:17pm . 0Like0
Im only on diplomay sadly i cant afford to upgrade
Ive played around with the forge tools a little but i lack the artistic tallent to make anything more then a symetrical balanced map and i lack to skills to endure were certain players start and the like

Posted: 19-Mar-2013 9:59pm . 0Like0