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Published by JasonF , last updated 17-Dec-2013 8:28am by JasonF.

Is downloadable content (Forbidden Worlds etc.) supported?

  • Yes.

Where is my Mods folder?

How do I turn off the transparent ingame interface?

  • For Requiem 2.x for Entrenchment, delete this file in your Requiem/Textures folder: BackdropIngame.dds
  • For Requiem 3.x for Diplomacy, simply do not enable the Requiem Diplomacy Transparency mod

When I enable the mod I get a 0 checksum

  1. This usually means that you haven't fully unZIP'ed or un7z'ed the Requiem mod file(s). Check out the Installation help threads for help.
  2. Make sure you copy the 7z file to your Entrenchment or Diplomacy mod folder
  3. Use 7-Zip to extract the 7z file

I can't see any ships (but can select Alliance/Empire)

  1. Always make sure you have updated video card drivers
  2. For Requiem 2.x for Entrenchment:
    • Try running install.bat file in your Requiem folder if it's there. If it's not in your Requiem folder then skip this step.
    • Try renaming the PipelineEffects folder to PipelineEffects2 (to disable it)
  3. For Requiem 3.x for Diplomacy
    • Disable the Requiem Bailknight Graphics mod

My ships/planets etc. are transparent in Requiem 2.X

  1. Run install.bat
  2. Delete these files from the pipeline effects folder. GS_Asteroid.fx, GS_Planet.fx, GS_Ship.fx,
    GS_ShipBuilding.fx, GS_ShipPhasedOut.fx.

I am getting mini-dump errors

  1. Make sure you unpacked the mod in the right folder. Avoid unpacking Requiem for Diplomacy in your Entrenchment mods folder and trying to activate it!
  2. Make sure you are running the latest version of Requiem
  3. If (and only if) there is an install.bat file in your Requiem folder... run it.
  4. See the section above on "I can't see any ships" and try what's suggested there.
  5. Turn down your graphic settings in the game. This doesn't mean your resolution (1280x1024 etc.) this means turning off "Deep Sky Boxs", "Coloured Skyboxes", Bloom, details (instead of Highest, try High, or Medium). Once the game is stable on low effect settings, turn them on one by one until you figure out which setting is straining your graphics card.
  6. If you still cant' figure it out, drop by the Bug Reports forum and read the sticky post on how to submit a bug report.

I don't have Entrenchment or Diplomacy

  • Unfortunately you must have Entrenchment or Diplomacy to run the mod

Is there any difference in installing in XP, Vista or Windows 7?

  • No. It all works just make sure you note the correct mod directory path, as XP is different from Vista/Win7
  • 32bit or 64bit works fine.

I can't select any Alliance or Imperial race when I start Entrenchment or Diplomacy?

I can't see any text strings, names or I'm missing text in general?

  • If you are running a non-English version of the game, you will probably have to rename the Strings file in the Requiem Strings folder to match your language.
  • In the Requiem/Strings mod folder, make a copy of "English.str" and name it to  "German.str" (or your language equivilent) so that you have two .str files in the Requiem String folder.
  • NOTE: This will cause Requiem to appear in English though, but when not playing Requiem your original language will show.