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Mood Mini-Dump Issue

I have been trying for hours to get this mod to work. I am running 1.82, and all my drivers are up to date.

I installed the correct manner as listed on the downloads page.

There are two folders, one makes my graphics settings odd, and the other gives me an intro screen then crashes.

I am running on the lowest resolution with absolutely no frills, all checked off and all graphics on lowest (for the purposes of troubleshooting).

When I enable the mod, the checksum is 3079857.

The mod is installed in the correct directory.

There is no install.bat file.

I dont know what this means:
Try renaming the PipelineEffects folder to PipelineEffects2 (to disable it)
For Requiem 3.x for Diplomacy
Disable the Requiem Bailknight Graphics mod

Please assist.

Posted: 16-Feb-2014 5:25am . Reply : 0Like0

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I also have the same minidump issue. I'm also playing 1.82 but my game never loads.
I can see the Star Wars requiem logo and then the minidump alert window pops up and the game just freezes.
I also got exactly the same check sum as you. I enabled requiem rather than requiem resources. I don't know if we are supposed to enable both?

Posted: 13-Mar-2014 11:21pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
Ive enabled requiem 4 and then requiem 4 resources in that order the checksum is now 57062357 and the mod works. Try it and see if it works

Posted: 13-Mar-2014 11:24pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
Requiem Developer

There are issues with the 1.82 beta version... opt out of beta updates and it will be fine.

I'm working on beta compatibility now.

Posted: 14-Mar-2014 3:34am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
I need a little help.I'm opted out of betas and I still get crash minidumps.help me!

Posted: 16-Mar-2014 3:06pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
its a runtime error at me.Microsoft C++ runtime Error

Posted: 16-Mar-2014 3:13pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
Requiem Developer
What is your mod checksum?
Have you tried turning down your graphics settings to medium?
Have you tried waiting a few seconds before clicking when the Requiem menu appears?

If all else fails, try running the developer .exe file and post what debug errors appear before crashing.
Also, look in D:DocumentsMy GamesIronclad GamesSins of a Solar Empire RebellionDebug and post the last 10 lines of the log file.

Posted: 17-Mar-2014 3:14pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
I too was experiencing a mini-dump issue upon attempting to enable the mod. Enabling both the Requiem mod and THEN the Requiem Resource pack in the in-game mod manager panel before clicking 'apply changes' solved the issue.

Version: Sins Rebellion 1.82 , Forbidden worlds

Posted: 10-Aug-2014 2:51am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
Requiem Developer
The latest 4.8 patch should be fine.

I've found that waiting a few seconds after you get to the main menu helps. Don't click... don't move your mouse.. just let the game sit there for 4 seconds.

For some weird reason I've had crashes if I click on a button too quickly.

Posted: 28-Sep-2014 2:27pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0