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Mood Requiem not working


I have followed instruction based on Rebellion installation.

I have Win 7 64-bit.
I have SOSE rebellion only.
No mods.

I DLD 3 files as required for rebellion v1.82.
Requiem Resources 4.1
Requiem Patch 4.6 to 4.71 patch

when I follow instalation instructions and enable mod in game,
the 'star wars requiem' screen appears after I apply changes (mods screen)
but then it hangs on this screen until I press a key and the game closes to desktop.

I havent ran the patch as i dont know how to or if it is automatic.

Any help is appreciated.

Posted: 24-Sep-2014 1:39pm . Reply : 0Like0

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While I am not dev of this mod. You just need to extract the patch into the mod folder in the same manner you have extracted the other zips into the mods folder. This should result in some files being overwritten. At least that's how it worked for me. I believe the patch is mandatory, if you don't patch then the game doesn't work.

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Requiem Developer
The latest 4.8 patch is available. No need to overwrite... just delete the old Requiem folder (not the resources folder that's still needed)

Posted: 25-Sep-2014 1:29pm . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
same for me .İ dl and extract requiem 4.1 resources and requiem 4.8 but checksums is diferent .After enabling the starwars requiem logo apeared for sec or two and go back to desktop.İn my mods-rebellion v.1.82 folder there are no other mod folder instaled.i chek also for7zip crc's and they look proper.
what i am making wrong?

Posted: 27-Sep-2014 9:45am . Reply : Reply here : 0Like0
Requiem Developer
So the 7zip CRCs are correct.. that means you've download the 2 files successfully. That's a good start.

There is a link on how to install (top left) but basically you are un-7zip'ing each archive in your mods folder. You can right click on the folders and see their size for a further check (in the download page I've listed what the size on disk should be).

As long as you've un-7Ziped them, the size on disk is correct, then the game checksum should match what you see on the download page.

Failing all that, what is the error (look for the log file in your Ironclad Games folder above the mod folder)... if you can let me know the error can try to figure out the cause of the crash.

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